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Honey Bee Haven


26214 – 26 Ave,
Aldergrove, BC
Canada, V4W 2V9



(604) 727 8779



Beekeeping Courses

About Honey Bee Haven


Beekeeper Bryn began minding bees in 1990 as a hobby, then with much guidance from Corky Luster in Seattle and Jacqui Bunse in Burnaby, started commercial honey bee work in 2010.  He gained Journeyman Beekeeper Certification at U. Montana and Beemaster Certification from U. British Columbia, then became a certified beekeeping instructor for the BC Honey Producers Association.


His BC Honey Producers Association (BCHPA) certified course provides students with the knowledge and skills to be successful as a beekeeper.  It is organized over a calendar year to address the needs of beekeepers and their honeybee colonies, which change as the year rolls along. The full course graduates will receive BCHPA certificates and hands-on experience. Course work will be done at the homes of students, and also at the Honeybee Haven apiary  26214 – 26 Ave, Aldergrove. 


The course is taught in 8 sessions over a 10 month period. Locations will depend on where students live. We could convene at your kitchen table and talk bees , and then move outdoors to check out the hands-on hive experience. Week 1 and week 6 will take place at honey bee haven apiary in Aldergrove. Interest has also been expressed so far by students in Richmond, Langley and Vancouver, so we will likely convene there too, depending on commitment.