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Healing Bees





7146 Gibson St
Burnaby, BC
V5A 1P1



778 877-1662



Local Suppliers

Healing Bees –  Konigin Extractors


My craft was born out of my love for cooking and my profession as a Registered Dietitian. From the time I was a child growing up in central Europe to now living on the West Coast of Canada, growing our own food and cooking from scratch has always been a part of my life.  Now together with my husband we have created a large garden full of fruit trees, berry bushes and vegetables, creating our own mini urban farm here in Burnaby, BC.


We carry locally raised NUCs, import packages from New Zealand and supply both locally and Italian raised queens in addition to our wide range of  beekeeping supplies.


We carry a huge range of quality stainless steel extractors made in Hungary by Konigin. Built to German engineering standards, Konigin extractors set a new standard in excellence, reliability and ease of use.


Konigin have been producing high quality honey and wax processing machines in Hungary since 2005 for the European Union, UK, Middle East, North African markets.


The products are innovative, reliable, easy to use, meets the highest European manufacturing standards and competitively priced. We are confident that the machines exceed the expectations of both professional and hobbyist/small scale beekeepers.