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“A Day in the Hive” With Dr. Elizabeth Elle

“A Day in the Hive” With Dr. Elizabeth Elle

"A Day in the Hive" With Dr. Elizabeth Elle


May 11, 2024    
10:00 am - 12:30 pm


Honey Bee Haven
26214 - 26 Ave, Aldergrove, V4W2V9

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Dr. Elizabeth Elle is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University. A pollination ecologist, Elizabeth researches both plant mating strategies and pollinator biodiversity and conservation. As a member of the Canadian Pollination Initiative she studies the contribution of native bees (we have perhaps 500 species in BC!) to pollination services in both wild and agricultural ecosystems, how our land-use practices impact pollinator biodiversity, and how we can preserve pollination services to wildflowers and crops in the face of pollinator losses. Elizabeth would be keen to walk around the garden/yard with club members and speak about what we find. Please bring bug catching bottles and nets if you have them. We will chat about what is found and their position and importance in the garden. Bring a lawn chair. Currently, her focus has been about gardens as reservoirs for pollinator diversity and she’s excited about the subject. She is also an engaging speaker with a wealth of knowledge, down to earth and at home in the garden. She has done honey bee vs bumble bee blueberry research, and also looked at why certain bees visit particular flowers. We’re excited to have Elizabeth join us for the day!

The Event will take place in Aldergrove at Bryn and Lynn’s place. There is a long drive down beyond the right side of the house, with ability to turn around on the lawn at the far end, beyond the shed. Park along the driveway , beside the bee hives. Don’t drive on the lawn immediately behind the house or you’ll crush my septic field!
Bring a lawn chair and a container to trap some bugs forth show and tell

This event is weather dependent and an email will go out the Wednesday night before the event if it is a go, it will also be posted on the group facebook. Bryn will also give us an idea of what is going on in his colonies on the farm, this is great for beginners. Wear your cleaned bee gear and inspect a few hives under supervision, and see what’s happening, good, bad and ugly. Q and A

The Second possible date is June 3.

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