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Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm and Meadery





2595 Lefeuvre Road
Abbotsford, BC,
Canada V4X 1H5



(604) 856-2125



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About Campbell’s Gold


Campbell’s Gold Honey Farm & Meadery is a family owned diversified farm operation and apiary, based in south west Abbotsford, BC. We are passionate about all things bees, from beekeeping and agri-education, to offering premium beehive products, with a focus on specialty honeys and honey wine production. We welcome visitors of all ages to visit our farm, and are delighted to share our knowledge and passion with you.


Mike, who retired from teaching high school after 35+ years, took up hobby beekeeping in the 1990’s, long before he retired. As retirement approached and in consultation with Judy, the decision was made to combine Mike’s beekeeping and honey wine hobby activities, with Judy’s love of the outdoors, gardening and the arts, to develop what is today a thriving agricultural, agri-tourism business. Mike has been active in both the Surrey and Langley Bee Clubs and served a term as second vice-president of the B.C. Honey Producers Association. Mike has participated in research to enhance honey bee health, and results have been submitted for review and publication.


Judy is a retired federal public service manager. Fear of bees when we first started beekeeping was the biggest obstacle for Judy who reluctantly joined Mike in the beekeeping hobby at the outset. Mike being the persuasive type, encouraged Judy to take the Ministry of Agriculture’s basic beekeeping course with him. Part of that course had a lab component where participants were stung in a controlled environment to determine if they had allergies. Judy realized that her fear of bees was due to the irrational fear of being stung, and once she understood that her fear was unfounded, she slowly overcame her fear of bees, and focused on honey production, product development and sales. Now Judy is an integral part of the bee education provided.


Mike completed the Master Beekeepers Course in 2005, Judy completed this same course in 2009 as she joined Mike in his retirement. Jenny completed the Master Beekeepers course in 2021. All work together in our queen rearing and nuc production endeavours. We are still playing, working, and learning together. Our passion includes bee education and being socially and environmentally responsible.  All three of us have graduate degrees. Judy & Mike in retirement wanted to continue to learn and facilitate the learning of others.  Jenny joining with her educational background rounded out the educational energy.